Radiance and Victory

Meditation to Bring Home the Purpose of Life

as practiced by 3HO


artwork by S.S. Dharma Kaur Khalsa of Millis

Comments: This meditation will "Awaken your soul". It will go straight to your inner tension, and the very "core of every trouble will leave you alone... You are talking to the infinity of the self through the sound current of the word, and then you are declaring your reality... I am Thine in mine, myself... This will take away from you the fogginess of your mind. It will give you clarity of your consciousness. It will bring home what is called the purpose of life."

Posture: Sit in easy pose, with the hands folded at the heart center, as in a prayer pose with the right thumb over the left.

Mantra: I am Thine in Mine Myself Wahe Guru

Humee Hum Toomee Toom Wahe Guru (tape by Livtar Singh Khalsa)

Breath: Let the breath be easy and relaxed.

Eyes: Closed, open or focused on the third eye point.

Time: 11, 31, or 62 minutes.

Mental Focus: No particular focus.